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Trust yourself to Trust your juniors

Trustis the most important quality for a manager/boss or team leader as trusting your employee despite differences will encourage them to outperform themselves. It can certainly be a step towards the progress and prosperity of an organization. While fair play holds the key to keeping an employee happy, there is do much more that the […]



No such thing as the perfect mom

What kind of a mother do you have? asks Dr Terri Apter, psychologist, writer and tutor at Newnham college, Cambridge on the phone from her office in Cambridge, UK. In her new book, Difficult Mothers, Apter explores how mothers can influence our behaviour and offers tips on how to deal with controlling, angry, hypercritical and […]

Girls of a different hue

In the 99 years that commercial Indian cinema has been in existence, it has celebrated a wide variety of screen divas – from the plain Jane to the sultry stunner, from the buxom bombshell to the svelte seductress, from the pure-as-driven-snow epitome of feminine virtue to the unstoppable femme fatale out to break brittle hearts…. […]