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10 Steps to make married life happy

Divorce may be the last answer for marital problems, but it can reduce confidence and instability comes in making future decisions. Marriage problems are present in every marriage and its solutions are also present. If you are troubled by your marital problems and you have to solve your marital problems, then you must adopt these […]



punjabi wedding rituals

Punjabi weddings are amazingly celebrated like extreme festivals. The day is loaded up with customs and ceremonies that are laid out underneath: The first ceremony is known as the Roka. It is a service that is gone to by relatives and dear companions and is a declaration made by the couple expressing that they have […]

Top 10 Tips to make women laugh

If you are a man seeking to win a woman’s heart, you must know how to make a woman giggle and fall in love with you. Possibly you think you are not comical, or you don’t have that feeling of humor to make women fall in love with you. Or probably you just lose your […]

Tips to make women laugh