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Men Don’t like Fat Women

Fat Women Aren’t Valued Being a fat woman, I’ve expert the extreme shallowness that exists in our society.  I’m speaking from years of experience and believe me when I say, I’m fat.  I often mention that I’m fat to my students and they will often reply, “You’re not fat”!  I laugh because I know I’m […]

Men Don’t like Fat Women

How to grab beautiful girls on facebook

How to Grab Beautiful Girls on Facebook

Do not use the “poke” function to try and get her focus Why? Well because a hot girl would be getting so many pokes from random guys it would get annoying. I know the poke function is fun and cool to play with, but you have to realize that it does nothing to convey your […]

What to Gift her? Valentine Gift

If Valentine’s Day is just around the corner then you might be thinking about a gift for your loved one. Look no further. Whether you want to plan an elaborate gift for Valentine’s Day, or you need a last-minute gift for your Valentine, this article will cover many gift ideas for women and men. Want […]

What to Gift her?