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An artist who transforms guns into art

Victor hugo zayas is a Mexican painter and sculptor who uses guns recovered by the city of Los Angeles Gun Buyback initiative to create works that he exhibits in California. The series of sculptures was made with weapons collected by the Los Angeles police and most had belonged to criminal Zayas told Efe the Los […]

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For a generation that thrives on instant gratification it is a trend that was waiting to arrive. What started as a niche fad is fast becoming a global phenomenon. With one of the largest book distribution Barnes and Noble launching its electronic domain, the era of the virtual book is open us. This is not […]

New light on Buddha

Buddha has been the most influential man in the world. Whose teaching has been followed for almost 1,500 years In India have also spread to many Asian countries like Sri Lanka Korea Japan China Thailand and many more. Even thought teachings of Buddha are followed by nearly 400 million people but still very little is […]

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