Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

Stop fighting reality

Years ago, I read a sentence in a book on heart care that stayed with me forever. “do not run up stairs, and do not run down people!” while the implication of the first instructions was clear, the second took time to unfold its deep meaning, I could not understand then how criticising or condemning […]



Way to die

Oye paley, I want to commit suicide,” said bala on a serious note. Pala laughed, “thank god! You’ve finally decided to do something sensible. And besides it’s a great social cause. Because the food you eat actually feed for hungry mouths!” Bala was livid. “ I’m talking about ending my life and you’re having fun […]

Know your mate better

In the age of profiling, where everyone seeks to succeed by categorizing, why be left behind? Join the winning league and have a happier life, knowing what drives your spouse. While some seem simple and straightforward; others seem to change colours every now and then.it is rightly sad that women who are understanding wives go […]