Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Joins in mysql

One of the great characteristics of SQL (Structured Query Language) is the fact that one can develop access and modify data across various tables. There are several benefits to this, including greater ease of manipulation, increased speed of access, and reduced data redundancy. In MYSQL (as well as many other SQL languages), this is accomplished […]


Within a week a hardback with a red and white cover will hit the shelves. Its will stand innocuously, among other hardback smelling as they do crisp new inviting. The imprinted profile of face on the cover will stare impassively back at you if you happen to pluck it from a stack. But never judge […]

Locked doors

The world “security”, has both positive and negative connotations. Most of us would say that we crave security for all its positive virtues, both physical and psychological its evocation of the safety of home, of undying love, or of freedom from need. More negatively, the world nowadays conjures up images of that huge industry which […]