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What is a dinosaur?

Although the name dinosaur is derived from the Greek for “terrible lizard”, dinosaur were not, in fact, lizards at all. Like lizards, dinosaur are included in the class Reptilia or reptiles one of the five main classes of vertebrata, animals with backbones. However, at the next level of classification, within reptiles, significant differences in the […]


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Propaganda – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Imagine for a moment that you are an impoverished citizen of ancient Egypt, hopefully hoeing the desert and wondering when it will bloom. Suddenly, a could of dust appears on the horizon which eventually resolves itself a gallop of horses and chariots commanded by heavily armed soldier followed, eventually, by a crocodile of exhausted slaves […]

Party Labels in Mid-Eighteenth Century England

Until the late 1950s the Whig interpretation of English history in the eighteenth century prevailed. This was successfully challenged by Lewis Namier, who proposed, based on an analysis of the voting records of MPs from 1760 intake following the accession to the throne of George lll, that the accepted Whig/Tory division of politics did not […]

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