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National Cuisine and Tourism

To an extent, agriculture dictates that every country should have a set of specific foods which are native to that country. They may even be unique. However, even allowing for the power of agriculture science, advances in food distribution and change in food economics to alter the ethnocentric properties of food, it is still possible […]


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Trip to Bangkok proves costly for Mumbai family

A chemist from Malad, who visited south-east Asia with his family recently, was shocked to discover that cash and debit cads had vanishedfrom his luggage.The victim, Satish Savala, came to know about the theft only after he returned to Mumbai. Satish suspects the theft took place during his stay at a hotel at Sukhmvitin in […]

Extend your droid battery

So you own a shiny new Android smart phone, but are now more than a little annoyed because you have to carry your charger everywhere you go? Indeed, poor battery life is the Google OS’s worst-kept secret. But help is on the way. Here’s a primer on how to make those power cells lasy longer: […]

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