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What is PPC..?

Beginning a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy for marketing business services or items it is always highly valuable to have specific knowledge of using this promotion tool successfully. Without the right information it is definitely possible to make some expensive mistakes if you use this type of promotion practice without the ideal level of guidance. PPC training […]

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Life with TEFL

What Can Green Tea Do For You?

If you ask a tea drinker what the best type of tea to drink is, chances are they will discuss green tea. This is a delicious drink that gives a quick boost of energy when you are down, while offering a number of health advantages. Drinking several cups each day can help you to ward […]

Life with TEFL

Not everybody heads into college understanding exactly what to focus on learning. Some have no thought what sort of career they plan on entering. Still others aren’t even sure if they want to attend a university simply yet. If you discover that you are battling with discovering your place and career, it can be helpful […]

Life with TEFL