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Is you have Crush on a Married Man

To have a crush on somebody, no matter whether one or both of you are not accessible is definitely normal. Playful flirting and games are part of basic human relationship. Feeling that you are eye-catching, interesting and able to love seems amazing. It causes an actual physical, chemical response in our brains. It makes us […]

Crush on a Married Man

How to Make a Baby Giggling

Giggling babies, babies laughing their little booties off, are funny for us too. One of the factors that parents learn early on is just how to make a baby laugh. While science may have come late to the party, parents and families have been performing unofficial research since humans first evolved. Mother and father go […]

Mother’s Advice On Relationships to her daughter

1. Chose a husband based on how they make you feel about yourself, not what they do for you 2. Stand up for yourself, learn to effectively communicate your needs and desires 3. Always remember, you are in control of how others treat you 4. Having kids should be a conscious choice 5. Ask yourself […]

Mother’s Advice On Relationships to her daughter