Getting More Dress without the Stress

Getting More Dress without the StressA problem a lot of female teenagers face takes place in the clothing division. They’re young adults; not quite old enough to shop in the women’s section, but absolutely too old for Baby Gap. So where do they shop? There are plenty of places that carry teen clothing, but the question is, where are the best places to look?
The first thing to take into concern is budget. You don’t want to overspend on something you’re not going to wear forever. Functionality is compulsory in shopping for anything, so before you start shopping, have an idea of what you’re ready to spend, and what you want to buy. You’ll save money as well as time.
Next, be aware of what clothing suits you, and what doesn’t. Try to develop an eye for what clothing will highlight your best functions, and what clothing will…not. Don’t just think that because the clothing looks good on the hanger that it will look good on you. At the same time, if you’re not sure what you think of anything when it’s on the rack, try it on and see! Often times, you’ll shock yourself.
One thing a lot of people get drawn in by its sales. Do not be fooled; so many people waste money on buying clothing when the stores are having “blowout sales”. Don’t buy clothing just because it’s on sale; once you bring it home and take it out of the bag, does it still look as good as it did in the store? Make sure that when you buy a piece of clothing, it’s because you love how it looks on you, not how the sale sticker looks on the price tag.
Finally, choose clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it. Fashion is an outlet that you use to show yourself. If you don’t feel good in something, what’s the point? When you love yourself, it only makes sense that you should love the clothing you’re in.
Now for the real question: Where to shop?
There are so many good stores that offer good deals and great clothing for teens. Some of my personal desired, with a brief description:
-Forever 21
Fantastic store, lots of different options with really inexpensive prices
Great stores if you aren’t in a rush; can pick out amazing finds
A little more costly, but really good excellent of clothing
-Charolette Russe
Stylish designs at inexpensive prices
Other great stores: TJ Maxx, Ross, Wet Seal, dELIA’s, Pacsun
-Hope this helps, and happy hunting!

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