Method to Straighten up Natural Hair

Method to Straighten up Natural HairFrom curly to straight; step-by-step
For many women who have gone back to their roots and rid their hair of chemical hair straighteners this is for you. The transition from straight perm hair back to curly natural can be very rewarding. You will find that your hair is much thicker and brilliant and a thousand times healthier. Your hair is finally backed to its natural state and the break from chemical relaxers was a much-needed remedy. Although your locks are now back to its original state, don’t think that you cannot achieve the straight look anymore should you desire a change of style. You can still obtain straight hair similar to the look and feel of a chemical relaxer without the constant fear of breakage and damage. I will provide you some helpful solutions and a step-by-step guide towards achieving the straight hair look on natural hair.•           First you want to make sure your hair is well cleansed, so you can either co-wash (co-wash is the process of cleaning your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo, this method is less abrasive to the hair and adds back moisture). If you do shampoo, try to use one that is sulfate free. A sulfate free shampoo is gentler to the hair strands, so you won’t have to worry about constant hair burning and damage as u would get from one relevant sulfate.•           Use one of your favorite hair conditioners to follow up the shampoo. Once you have completed that, you might want to use a deep penetrating hair mask or treatment. Applying a deep penetrating mask will help repair your hair of prior damages caused by excessive heat and chemicals. Depending on your own choice, you may leave the mask in for 20 to 30 minutes or if hair is highly broken, an hour (be sure to read the suggestions of your products prior to use for suggested time usage). Although it is not always important to apply a mask, it would be best to use it since you will be applying heat to your hair, so you want it at its strongest.

•           Once your mask has been in for a good amount of time you may wash it out, be sure to use this time to do as much de-tangling in the shower as possible. Use a wide toothcomb since your hair is well moistened; this would be the best time to take advantage of de-tangling, which will result in minimal hair breakage. Once you have finished this, you are ready for the next step, which is drying.

Prior to drying your hair, you should first place a heat safety leave-in cream or spray; you may use which ever you like, but make sure it states “flat iron” on it. Using some that do not state for use of flat iron, may not give you as much security as your hair may desire.

•           Once you have applied your leave in, you should part your hair in four sections. With each section divided, use your wide tooth comb and start blow-drying your hair section by section, this may take some time but make sure your hair is well dried.

•           Now that your hair is dried it is time to start flat ironing. Be sure to spend in a good ceramic flat iron, my favorite is the ones made by the company Hanna; their flat irons are resilient and always give your hair a perfect finish. Investing money on a quality flat iron pays for itself in the long-run, when you realize you don’t have to constantly go over your hair continuously. I suggest the use of a v-comb as well for better results.

•           When you are done flat ironing your hair you may style it as preferred. Apply whatever hairdressing you desire, but do try products containing shea butter and coconut oil to help retain moisture.

I highly recommend that you apply heat to your hair as minimal as possible since heat can be damaging to the hair as well. If you are a person that feels the need to have your hair straightened out all the time, try to do this process no more than once a month if possible. Do not flat iron your hair daily since it will become brittle and cause split ends which will result in breakage. Now that you were given some handy pointers in the correct way of getting your hair straightened, hope you have fun and proceed searching fantastic.

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