Good Luck Tips

Here we go with that Seven Wonderful Tips:

Good Luck Tips1. Aquarium with Gold Fish: Trying to keep some Gold Fish in an aquarium or fish bowl is a excellent way to bring good luck to your house. You require to keep 8 Red or Golden and 1 Black fish. In case any one dies, don’t worry; just change them with new one. Don’t keep them in bed room or kitchen. The best location is our living room and places it on the East or South-east or North direction.



Good Luck Tips2. Laughing Buddha: It is the most popular symbol of success in Feng Shui. Success, Good Luck, Money all bless us if we keep a little statue of Laughing Buddha in our house. It has to be shown some 30 degree height dealing with the main door.



Metal Turtle3. Metal Turtle: The Turtle is a symbol of durability. It is also regarded good for Protection, Help and Prosperity. Place a metal model in a little bowl of water and keep it in your house’s North side. If you have a bed room in North, just keep the metal turtle alone without having the water bowl since water-presence is not good in bed room based to Feng Shui.



Bowl of Salt in Toilets4. Bowl of Salt in Toilets: Toilets are regarded as a place of bad energy. Since our body’s waste materials are received here, it attracts toxins and bacteria. To avoid this negative energy, just place a bowl of Unprocessed Sea Salt in toilets. When it gets wet, replace the salt.



5. C Chinese Coins:hinese Coins: Maintaining Chinese Coins inside your money purse or wallet is sure way to improve your money luck. Take 3 coins and tie them with a Red Thread. These are round coins with square holes in the center. It is a good idea to gift them to your loved ones and regarded auspicious.




No Open Shelves6. No Open Shelves: It is nice to possess books and keep them in Shelf. But the problem arises when you keep them in open shelf as it is bad for you in Feng Shui. It may trigger the occupants of the room fall ill. To avoid the risk, cover the shelf. Fixing door on the shelf will also help to reduce the bad effects.



7Crystals in North-East. Crystals in North-East for Knowledge Luck: Make use of the North-east corner of your house to enhance your kid’s performance in exams. This area is the place of knowledge and education. Earth is the element of this area. Hang 8 Crystal Balls in the area to help students to achieve good scores in exams.

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