Get a Man to Really like You

Get a Man to Really like YouThere are plenty of females who spend an excellent deal of time and power trying to figure out how to get a man to love them, and the fact is that there are absolutely ways to adjust a situation with a man, to tease him until he just can’t stop imagining about you and becomes passionate with you. You’ve most likely actually done this yourself in the past, though unknowingly – you’ve told a guy you were readily available for a date, then cancelled at the last minute then called and apologized profusely and scheduled one more date… Keep this type of back and forth up, and as long as you do it perfectly, and are sincerely sorry when you cancel and apologetic, and don’t let him know that you’re performing it on purpose, and you will end up with a man who just can’t stop imagining about you – simply because everybody understands that men love the thrill of the chase.

But the truth is that there’s a very big distinction between somebody imagining about you nonstop in a healthy way, and somebody loving you. And love is the goal, right? So what’s the most effective way to get a man to love you? There are actually two main things that you need to do. 1st, you have to be confident and secure in on your own. This doesn’t mean changing who you are – whatever you do, be your own true self. Whether you are quiet or boisterous, shy or extreme, be happy with whom you are, and your self-confidence will shine out of you and make you absolutely magnetic, a joy to be with.

The second thing that is important to making a man love you are to do everything in your energy to make him the best man that he can be. Motivate him in his endeavors and make him consider in himself. Learn what his values are and uphold them, and find out what he is most proud about in himself and praise him for those features. By doing this you will make him grow as a person and he will recognize that it is your encouragement and confidence in him that is helping to be the man that he wants to be. Keep in mind that line from the movie Jerry Maguire, when Tom Cruise looks at Renee Zellweger and says, “You complete me”? That is your goal. To be the yin to his yang, to make him feel that without having you he isn’t as good, or as strong, or as confident. Be that person for him and he will definitely love you for the rest of your life.

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