Factors Why He Had an Affair

Factors Why He Had an Affair Obtaining an affair can be one of the toughest things to happen to a relationship. If you discover out that your other half has been unfaithful on you with somebody else then it can be devastating, and sometimes so bad that the relationship can never been set again. People have affairs for many factors, but at the end of the day they all boil down to 3 significant problems. By understanding these main issues you can help prevent keep your relationship safe and strong.

The 1st Issue: Fights and Quarrels

Fights and quarrels are very common in a relationship, and aren’t always bad things. Often they can be very beneficial to get things out in the open which is the 1st stage in fixing them. However in other cases they can lead to the affair beginning. This is due to the fact if you have been fighting with your man then he may feel very angry and want to either vent his anger or get his own back on you for harming him. This can occasionally lead men to go out and find a sexy lady somewhere with whom they can start an affair with. Sometimes this is a key thing which he does try to and makes him self feel better after the fight, or in other cases he might make it very public what he has done. This is his way of getting his revenge on you, his way of saying “this is how badly you hurt me, you made me do this”.

The 2nd Problem: Feeling Unloved

In a relationship, one of the worst sensations is the sensation of not being loved or cared for by their associate. Sad to say these feelings often develop within relationships very frequently, and can be caused by many things. These feelings can be caused by things such as long-term connection going stale after a long time, because people can get too familiar with each other and the interest can go out. They can also be caused by things such as child birth or babies, because they take your attention away from him. If he isn’t obtaining the same attention he is used to then he may want to go and find somebody else who will make him feel loved and that is how the affair can often start.

The 3rd Problem: Boredom

Relationships are factors that can last for years and years. When they first start almost everything is new and exciting and you want to spend every minute jointly, you also want to try new things and get to know each other in every way. However after a long interval of time you start to grow too familiar with your partner, the excitement starts to die down and you know almost everything about each other. This can cause boredom in the relationship. This could make your man go off and want to start an affair because they miss the enjoyment. The affair could also be caused by old age starting to make the two of you feel less physically attracted to each other, which could make him go and find a fascinated sexy lady who he can have an affair with, to make him feel young again.

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