Does u Know about the Malawi Traditions?

Does u Know about the Malawi Traditions?African nations are full of distinct cultures which make any nation amazing. Though Malawi is small, the Malawi culture is rich and varied. Heritage and cultures are widely distributed in different parts of the country. The citizens there are well known for their friendliness as visitors are accepted with genuine and long-lasting comfort.

Agriculture is highly used by different individuals. The practice acts as the main backbone considering that it is has the most fertile soil in the region. Though the economical support comes from small scale growers, the country is able of exporting tea, coffee cotton, tobacco and sugar. However, there is much less transfer trade as compared to export trade.

At the homes, a typical homestead will include of a house made of various rooms for eating, storage space and sleeping. Cooking is done by use of charcoal or firewood. The houses are equipped by making use of homemade methods, for example cow dung is used to smear the house floor. The roofs could be created of iron sheets or thatched with special grass to provide a protect from the rain and strong winds.

Events like marriages are always prearranged whereby dowries are provided by the parents of the bride. The dowry could be cattle, sheep and even goats and it is paid to the spouse. This favors women who come from a rich family considering that they could pay a significant dowry. Polygamy is rarely practiced by people who are able to do it.

To date, people still exercise traditional beliefs to meet various needs through conducting rituals, festivals, and also dances. For instance, traditionalists and herbalists make use of unique masks to represent the ancestral spirits, individuals and animals. This is put into use when teaching the traditions and telling stories to the society.

In outfits, people in this country generally wear western style clothes which are sometimes combined with local styles. Men wear shirts and pants while women wear skirts and blouses. Sometime they wear s long cotton cloth that gives security against dust and dirt. Children are always guided to wear school outfits to make them stay away from bad morals which this Malawi culture discourages.

The lifestyle in the nation is of great value as one could learn more from the past to change the ethical lives of the youngsters in the region. This is because many people believe to have used the past to make them reach where they are. Should you opt to know more about the customs, one is advised to browse through the internet for more details.

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