Knowledge in Your Hands

Knowledge in Your Hands Being an immigrant in a distant country is never simple, and when you come from a nation like India whose principles call for a closed community that creates a feeling of belonging and connection, it gets a lot difficult. However, you do not have to feel lonely or hopeless, as is a one stop shop for all your social needs in Michigan. You will never again miss your house, as you will be able to find so many more individuals who are away from their houses just like you. is a hub of information that will keep you regularly updated with all the events in the Indian group located at Michigan. No matter what information you are seeking, has it all, ranging from IT training institutions, to dance classes for your kids, and lots of other current events and events within the community. You can join in and simply get in touch with numerous other Indians to create a sense of belonging. The categorized section of the site also keeps track of the products and solutions that you may require.
The website also keeps you modified with the happenings of the stock market in India, both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange with the help of live rss feeds. Also, there are news channels and entertainment channels that are linked to the site that will give you a slice of your home that you have been missing. There is also an identified ads section that will keep you touch with the availability of various items and services if you need them. You can also get to know a lot of Indian based businesses that are located in Michigan, and can cater to your needs of the hour.
All in all, is a platform where you can interact with fellow Indians, and also keep in touch with the current happenings within the community in Michigan. There won’t be a single dull moment in your life as you will become a part of various events and gatherings that are happening all over the city. It’s not merely details, but creates a sense of being a part of a community that resonates with your idea of home and family. To be constantly up to date with the happenings of the Indian community, simply check out

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