Art Books- That an Artist Must Read

If you come about to be an artist or fascinated in painting and art, you have come around the right post! Below are art books that you can’t afford to ignore. These books range from amazing people, doing amazing things, to the most useful and innovative art books available. Please feel free to browse the list below. I am assured you will find some of these books incredibly useful.

Author: Gregg Kreutz1. Problem Handling for Oil Painters

Author: Gregg Kreutz

Some artwork flow quickly from beginning to end, while some others feel more like a battle ground that one has to battle through. Painters are often separated in their personal studios and when faced by a painting in progress that just isn’t working, how to handle these issues becomes an issue. Sometimes, even determining out what the problem basically is isn’t even obvious.

Kreutz tackles these problems head on with concrete recommendations that help the artist look at their work with fresh eyes. Issue Solving for Oil Painters is a book you will want to keep useful on a studio book-shelf. You may find yourself pulling it out for a refresher when a painting has you stymied and you require a little help.



2. The Oil Painting Book: Elements and Techniques for Today’s ArtistAuthor: Gregg Kreutz

Author: Bill Creevy

This book is a different book that oil painters will want to involve in their art book collection. While professional artists will want to keep this book handy for referrals, it is artists who are just beginning to experiment with painting in oils who will find the content covered invaluable.

Creevy evaluates several oil paint brands and delves into the whole world of mediums in detail. It is an amazing read.



Author: Winsor & Newton3. The Oil Color Book: An Extensive Resource for Painters

Author: Winsor & Newton edited by, David Pyle and Emma Pearce

For performers on a budget, the price can’t be beat! This eBook is a freebie so it would have been silly for me to leave it off the Must Read Art Books list. The eBook was published by the well-known art material company Winsor & Newton. While certainly this book is relatively skewed towards the company’s own products, I include the eBook in this list because it is chock full of easy-to-absorb and valuable details for anyone interested in learning about oil paint items and basic painting techniques. There’s even a brief record of oil painting included.

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