The Benefits of Wi-Fi Internet Plans

The Benefits of Wi-Fi Internet PlansWi-Fi or wireless constancy Internet is a system that allows computers, laptops, smart phones and other computing devices to gain access to the World Wide Web. It uses radio waves rather than the typical Internet cable to make this happen. It works with the use of a wireless router which gets Internet desires from a broadband or DSL modem via cable, and sends signals to the computing devices.

The system can really offer a lot of comfort because it has removed the need for wired connection. Many Internet service providers offer Wi-Fi Internet plans to cafes, restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops. This is because this Internet service is flexible and easy to use.

Here are some of the most popular advantages of Wi-Fi Internet plans.

1. Widespread Coverage

Signals from wireless routers can reach distances of up to 150 feet. It can allow remote processing devices to obtain Internet access anywhere in the building, as long as they are not more than 150 feet away from the router.

2. Offsite Access

With the appearance of hot spots, anyone can obtain easy access to the Web even if he’s miles away from the office. Hot spots refer to malls, offices, hotels, coffee shops, hospitals, government buildings, airport terminals and other places that offer paid or free Internet access. This allows businessmen, professionals, employees and ordinary people to access the web even if they are away from home or office, as long as they have their laptop or iPod with them.

3. Less Downtime for Employees

Employees who travel a lot can work online even if they are off site. This makes them cut on downtime and become more effective even if they are on a trip.

4. Mobility

Mobility and freedom of movement is one of the most popular benefits of the Wi-Fi Internet plan. It is the reason why many young people are switching to Wi-Fi-ready cell phones. It enables them to browse the Internet, check their mails, visit social networking sites, and chat with friends without having to go to an internet cafe which is costly. If you have a laptop or smart phone and you want to go online, you only need to go to a hot spot coffee shop and browse the net over a cup of hot coffee.

Technology has also developed a new device called the pocket Wi-Fi. This device allows anyone who carries it to go online anytime anywhere as long as there’s a mobile network signal. The bearer of pocket Wi-Fi is basically a walking hotspot.

Even though Wi-Fi Internet has many positive factors, it also carries a few drawbacks. These include:

1. It is a bit slower than the wired Internet.

2. Wi-Fi Internet is not secure. Any tech-savvy outsider who happens to share your relationship can access your files and steal important and personal information from your computer.

Wi-Fi Internet plans have more valuable factors than the negative ones. But since protection of data is a critical factor, technology should find a way to remove this problem.

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