Melbourne’s Face Painting

Melbourne's Face Painting After all these years of face painting in Melbourne, the miracle it brings to any event still motivates us. For more than 14 years now, Carolina Ayala have visited 1000′s of kilometers and met 1000′s of people who enjoy face painting just as much as I. The magical touch of the brush makes the person feel a sense of wonder, enjoyment and anticipation. Others admire from afar, others watch more closely and intensely and pull at my dress, and others thank me profusely and say “Wow, you must be an artist”!Inspired to paint faces and receive glowing smiles and magical gazes in appreciation.
The face painting in Melbourne experience unites people of all ages. It would appear that there is a magic ingredient in the art form that makes one’s imagination run wild and brings out the best in people and inspires them to think of themselves as kids again. So it’s not just kids who enjoy it. The joy radiates out and touches mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and everybody who activities it – by observing or by being painted as well.
That’s why teenagers and adults are also drawn to face and human body art as it allows them to discover, explore and have fun with the new identity created by face and body art. Glitter tattoos, henna art and tattoo-like body art and full body painting are an exciting adventure.
It is our pleasure to be invited to birthdays, christenings, weddings, parties, Batmitvahs, Barmitzvahs, Christmas celebrations and parties to celebrate just about anything. Goodbyes, welcome home parties, housewarming, girl’s night out, and baby bathrooms are all great excuses to hire a face painter and make it unforgettable.
The quality of painting in Melbourne and the components used has improved in leaps and bounds over the last 15 years. Great enhancements are happening and the range of products available is mesmerizing. Brands like Paradise, Wolfe, Snazaroo, Face Paints Australia, Tag, Kryolan, Grimas and so many others, are bringing many new products to the market.
The training and growth possibilities for face painting artists have also expanded. We run face artwork classes and one-one-one tuition in Melbourne and Sydney to help artists increase their skills, confidence and knowledge of the world of face painting. Carolina Ayala is a qualified graphic artist and illustrator and has won significant art prizes, and more recently, placed in both the Australian Body Art Awards, and Melbourne Body Art Competitors since 2010 for face and body painting.
Learning and teaching are top main concerns for us as we know the importance of continually exploring the face paint art form. Carolina has taught workshops in Group colleges in Eastern Sydney, Parramatta and Casual over the last 10 years and is expanding workshops in Melbourne.

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