Preserving Motorcycles during summer

Preserving Motorcycles during summerYou can tell when summer starts since the roads are alive with the rumble of motorcycles. From California to Burglary bikers will be revving up their cruisers, street bikes and touring cycles for day trips, weekend activities and joy rides. However, just because winter is over doesn’t mean your motorcycle is free from hazards. While riders don’t have to worry about snow, sleet and ice they will have to contend with rain, wind, tree sap and intense UV sunlight during the summertime months and now is a good time to invest in safety covers and portable garages that will ensure your bike stays in great condition.

If you don’t have the benefit of a full garage to store your motorcycle when not riding on the open road it is recommended that you find an option shelter option that will protect your bike from foul weather, outdoor debris and wild animals. An unsecured motorcycle is at the mercy of nature and sometimes the elements aren’t so kind. Steady rain, tree sap and squirrels can all combine to wreak havoc on your bike. From flooded devices and chipped paint jobs to torn seats and waterlogged tires your motorcycle can face some serious issues if left outside without a safety cover or convenient storage shed.

If you are looking for a temporary and flexible storage option for your bike then it’s probably best to go with a durable motorcycle cover or storage pocket. These covers and bags are designed to offer indoor and outdoor protection for all kinds of motorcycles and can easily be folded up and kept in storage when not in use. Often made from waterproof and UV tolerant fabric, motorcycle covers come in a wide range of sizes and can be used indoors to keep bikes safe from dust or outdoors where it will help shield a bike from rain, debris and wind. Covers are also ideal for taking with you on camping and day trips since it gives you a great storage advantage should the weather turn bad.Preserving Motorcycles during summer

For riders who need more than just a safety cover for their machines there are many types of portable garages on the market that offer full protection from foul weather and the elements while also providing owners with a easy storage location that can be outfitted with lights and vents so you can tinker with your bike even when it’s raining. Made from solid powder coated steel frames with heavy duty polyethylene covers, temporary garage structures are perfect for motorcycle owners that don’t have access to a standard garage and need space to work on their rides. Whether you prefer a versatile motorcycle cover or a portable garage kit, keep your bike safe this summer.

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