Interesting Games on facebook

Interesting Games on facebook1. Fairy Tale Twist
Zynga takes the match-3 puzzle genre to one more level by giving it a Fairy Tale Twist. Yes, that’s the name of the latest game launched on Facebook. This totally free to play title moves around popular fairy tale characters and offers a story-based set of levels to make game play more exciting. The level layout is complicated and goals quite varied. However, if you are a Candy Crush professional, then matching cute things may not be that complicated.Fairy Tale Twist does not create any outlandish changes to the match-3 puzzle genre, but guarantees each level is complicated and addictive. Levels are centered on moves and so gamers will need to believe hard before making a match as there are restricted amount of moves.
A minor twist in game play comes in the form of icon rotators that rotate objects in the board and change them in such a way to make game play complicated. The auto-rotate feature may also be a boon often, as it can give you and chance to get more matches and power-ups.
The game will be accessible for mobile devices later, until then enjoy related cute objects, complete difficult levels and get rid of a younger-looking evil Rumpelstiltskin to bring color and pleasure back to fairy tale land.Interesting Games on facebook

2. Full Bloom
Full Bloom presents colorful flowers to match-3 puzzle techniques. The main purpose is to collect flowers by matching the same. Additional objectives make game play more tough and exciting. The number of moves will be decreased and a timer will be involved to challenge you to collect an X number of flowers before time runs out.

Full Bloom also lets you create exclusive flowers. Special seeds, petals and dandelions, which offer a visible, treat as soon as you match them with normal flowers. Along with puzzles, the game also lets you handle your own virtual garden a la popular Playdom games on Facebook.
The graphics are stunning and colorful, making you fall in love with the demonstration and effects. I am excitedly waiting for Full Bloom to launch for iOS and Android platforms.

Interesting Games on facebook3. Jelly Glutton
Jelly Glutton is a fruity-filled match-3 puzzler that moves around a cutesy monster known as Jelly. Players will need to match 3 or more fruits and candies to feed the monster. While the game provides the same old puzzle fun, it’s the level design that makes it more complicated than other games of the same genre. Each level has a unique layout, which makes candy-matching a bit more complex, but addicting.

Jelly Glutton’s later stages are as much complex as the original game. Challenges like special jelly squares and holes may force you to replay levels a number of times prior to crack the candy-filled puzzles. You will also be needed to collect an X number of candies, fruits and other types of sweet meats plus score points and earn stars to improvement to the next level.
Jelly Glutton may not be as interesting as the popular candy-filled puzzler, but it surely is a nice substitute to Candy Crush Saga.

Interesting Games on facebook4. Jewel Kingdom
A themed-puzzle game, Jewel Kingdom has a lot of power boosts and special jewels to enrich your gem-swapping encounter. The game lets you swap gems inside unusual patterned boards to create special gems. You can also switch on a special boost that clears all random gems on the board.

The variety of special gems is few in comparison to other games like Candy Crush Saga. Swapping gems to create a 4-gem match creates a bomb that can blast jewels of the same color if activated, whereas a T-shape match creates a lovely star gem that can destroy all gems in a star pattern.
Boosters in Jewel Kingdom are more interesting than unique gems. They can be bought using in-game coins. Once used, an enhancer can make game play more interesting. For example: A Sneak Peek booster freezes time in a timer-based level, enabling you to take your time and make a mental note of potential matches, once ready you can click on the screen to continue matching gems. There are many unlock able boosters that unlock as you improvement through your gem-matching campaign levels.

A perfect Sunday afternoon time-waster, Jewel Kingdom won’t disappoint you. It has plenty of fun-filled levels and many surprises in store for you.

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