Love caused me addictive

581486_191798764287913_565329212_nMy story started about 6 years ago I was 13 just a kid

But I fell in love, I saw her almost every day, she

Told me about her love by a mobile message before I

Tell her although I had the same feeling, after the

Time I used that she’s a part of my life we was talking

And see each other for 3 years I know she stopped this

Since 3 years ago but till now I can’t forget the most

Happy days in my life even there was another

Mistakes in my life, after we stopped talking 1

Year later and I didn’t know the reason this time but

Missed her a lot so I tried drugs and wine trying to

Live my life without her and forget and lived

Alone without my family I needed to live alone

, Continued my life so for a year and a half like

That, till I lost allot of my weigh and my face was

Saying this guy is bad cut of my red eyes all the

Time, then my family got a feeling that something

Is wrong and sent me to Sanatorium treatment of581486_191798764287913_565329212_n

Addiction, I stayed there 3 months I will never

Forget this 3 months about 2 months of them I

Remembered her every day, after the 3 months passed

With month I remembered her again year and half ago

Till now, but I think she heard about

The Sanatorium, I tried to talk with her again at

Facebook 1st but I confess that I was fool at the

Facebook conversations so she blocked me, 2nd I

Tried at place which I saw her, I told her that imp

Happy because I saw her but I saw that she is so

Surprised when I talked to her I don’t know why!! I

Asked her if I can

See her again she told me times which I can find her

There, so I went again to see her و but after she

Found me there she cried and told me “sorry not

Now” I don’t know why too!!! After that I didn’t

Try to see or talk with her but now I miss her and

Want see her….

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