Happiness or pain

Happiness or painHi, buddies…

This letter is written by a boy who doesn’t know what to do because he is scared of losing the individual he loves a lot.

I’m only 19 but I’ve been faced with many things in life. Last year my life was an entire mess. I lived day by day. Almost everything was dull; I had nobody alongside me until I met her…

It was as if a phoenix was born within me. In the starting I was acting indifferently but one night I confessed my feelings to her. I predicted her to laugh or to tell me that she likes me but I never believed that there could be anything more between us.

However, it occurred…

We havHappiness or paine currently been together for 7 months and our relationship is going deeper.

However there is a problem. She is wedded and has a child. This is not such a big hurdle. But I don’t want to turn out to be what divided my parents. I can’t make my soul stop loving her because she is my soul.

Every night I fall sleeping with the thought of her, and I wake up with the same idea in the morning. I’m passionate by her. I want her next to me at night but this is difficult.

We have mentioned the idea of living jointly but this cannot happen at least until I serve my time as a soldier.

As to the age distinction, I think this is of no benefits. If there is something real between us age is not a problem at all… Please, tell me what to do. Should I stay or should I go?

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