Train Yourself In Self Defense

Train Yourself In Self Defense There are many options for self defense training including martial arts studios, boxing or MMA lessons, rape defense classes or recorded components about all of the above. Based on your situation, you may consider each option for training speed, and the overall value of each option. By far the most cost effective option is using prerecorded materials such as DVD’s. The learning goals can be achieved by almost anyone.

Many people attend martial arts training programs for social reasons, so consider if this is your actual goal. For boxing and MMA the actual combative practice can get quite demanding and protective equipment is absolutely required. If your primary goal is defense against crimes such as mugging or physical attacks then a defense style like Krav Maga or street-styled defense training can be the right strategy.

If a student has actually been through a violent rape attack, having an active and well trained instructor is more of an crucial. The more one-on-one help will provide added confidence. The instructor will quickly evaluate the student’s weaknesses and address these with training options.

Find the best martial art for self defense for you. Consider if you have great control before studying a particular style. For example, if you have long and strong arms, boxing may instantly give you a level of beauty over a vast number of attackers.

What sports have you taken part in when you were in high school or college? Do you have great leg strength or are you very tall? Are you short and speedy? There can be a wide range of factors that make learning one form of self defense easier or more a natural for you body and skills.

Train Yourself In Self Defense After considering what type of self defense training you would like to go after, get a preview of some of the materials and the martial arts teachers available. Video posting sites often have materials by some instructors, and you and your friends can practice using defense techniques as you follow along. You will also get to know the instructors, their styles and some specifics of techniques that you would like to work with and perfect.

DVD’s on the style will often provide a purist approach to the style. The recorded materials can be obtained that will help you achieve your goals reasonably quickly. Most helpful is if a practice partner, such as your partner or friend, can make time available to practice skills. Within four to six weeks you may accomplish a high skill level, and accomplish this on your own with out added cost of tuition or travel.

While this will sound difficult to some, the simple fact is that even knowing five to seven techniques for escaping a choke hold and destabilizing your attacker is all that is needed for a solid base that will serve you well. A learning purpose such as this can easily be achieved using videos online or DVD’s. For those who must save a lot of money, or go through rapid intense training, consider training yourself with video lessons at home.

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