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Indian Wedding

For 31-year-old, Mumbai-based Mriganka Dadwal, it was the lousy job done by way of a wedding video that made her launch a company. Aptly titled wedding stories, her company scripts and recreates the events of the past so as to give the clients the feel of a Bollywood film. The entire crew has experience in television and films. A journalist with the electronic media, instead of making documentaries or advertisements, she decided to capture Indian wedding, which she feels are a kaleidoscope of rituals and emotions. So it was to do her bit to recreate an events that was perhaps more colourful than any Yash Raj film, that Mriganka quit television journalist and anchoring to launch Wedding stories. When its com to documenting the most important day of any person’s life there is a huge gaping hole. Numerous guests posing with the couple is a small part of the wedding and not the essence of why two people/families chose each other.
She felt no one was exploring the need to portray the capturing of a wedding as one would narrate a tale to be remembered. She believes every story is unique and the depiction should be customized.
Mriganka’s team comprises professional from the film and fashion industry. Typically on a wedding shoot, there are fashion photographers, cinematographers, costume stylists, make-up artists from teleserials and the film industry and of course coordinating it all is mriganka as the creative director.
When families watch their own movies, the cocktail of joy and disbelief on their face is what mriganka feels is worth a million dollars for her entire team. “we love the instant hugs part the most,” says the dynamo of creativity who keeps the adrenalin flowing with adventure sports and poetry.
She has diversified into concept shoots or the photo narrative of a person’s story with quotes from family and close friends. How the couple met, how he proposed to her etc. Indians love to splurge on weddings. It’s not a personal affair a la the western world. Indian weddings are all about rekindling broken ties, meeting long lost cousins and of course, displaying social status. A memorable moment? “ one of my clients had booked a fort for his wedding. The décor was beautiful, the ambience grand and all of the guests were decked up for varmala. A ramp was already created for the bride and the groom. On the spur of the moment, Mriganka set up three cameras and viola… the night ended up in an impromptu catwalk/fashion show for all the relatives, much to the cheering of the guests. “Today, people come to us asking us to document 25 years of their existence basically any milestone event. Yes, we are diversifying from anniversaries, to ushering babies, even pet portfolios whenever there is a celebration, there is a story for us,” says the girl who has shed many tears at each vidai. She says, “ there can never be a recession in the wedding industry. Share markets may shoot up or nose-dive but the wedding industry will always boom.”

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