Why you need to Buy the iPhone 5s

Why you need to Buy the iPhone 5sThere have already been thousands of iPhone 5s and 5c reviews released all over the Australasian, US and European markets regarding Apple’s latest addition to its iPhone family.

The focus of this article is to summarise what is really better in this iPhone compared to the iPhone 5 and why you should consider the change if you are currently in two minds.

Apple has a propensity to have a major launch of its iPhone range followed by a minor launch the year after. This has certainly followed the course with the introduction of the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and now iPhone 5s. The extra evidence here is the launch of the somewhat cheaper brother in the 5c.

If you don’t own an iPhone or have an iPhone 4 or earlier model, then the iPhone 5s is really the way to go.

The key upgrades include:

  Processor - A7 is what sits inside the Apple 5s engine room and by all accounts is a much more powerful machine than the A6 which sits within iPhone 5. Many have put it into the category of the MacBook Pro in contrast to the MacBook Air. The improvement handling power also has flow on effects to areas such as battery life and gaming.
Camera - Apple hasn’t gone down the path of more mega-pixels means a much better camera and a much better picture. Apple’s focus has been on the sensitivity of the lens and the flash. There is also much progress in the area of video camera with 1080p video recording and stability.
    Gaming - If you travel on public transport you would have thought that smartphones where only presented so that students and adults could play games. Apple is really gunning to become the best doing phone when it comes to mobile gaming and the processor within the iPhone 5s is testament to this. Assisting these innovations are the range of games that you can access through iTunes.
  Dealings - Touch ID is not only an easier way to unlock your phone but it is also the foundations for greater security and ability to transact using your mobile phone. Apple know this and over the coming year, we are likely to see more from Apple giving this feature greater usefulness within the Apple universe.
iOS7 - comes pre-installed on the iPhone 5s saving you the hassle of the upgrade if you are on an earlier iPhone. The update so far seems to be more about beauty than anything else.

If I had an iPhone 5, I would stick with it unless your phone is battling actually. Better to wait will the next round of changes ie iPhone 6 for a much bigger bang from Apple.

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