Moving Through Fears

Moving Through FearsIn the huge scheme of things, we’re only here on planet Earth for a very short interval of time.
And the 2 factors that keep our dreams regarding bars… are FEAR and DOUBT.
I a short while ago conducted a survey and out of 30 individuals:50% fear failing and being visible and 37% doubt on their own
81% are missing ideal clients
74% are deficient money
67% are lacking journey
9% are lacking independence
65% are making buys based on price

How we make choices is who we attract. So, if we’re generating choices from a place of “What will they think of me?” then we’re proceeding to attract individuals who run in the reverse route when faced with any fears and doubts about on their own and their capability.

Here are 3 factors you can do to begin defeating fears and doubts so that you can get the perfect clients, make the money and go on all those dream trips you only dream about…

1. Be Willing.
You must be prepared to see your fears and doubts. Then, you must be willing to face them and do the work essential to move through them.

2. Be Present.
Live in the instant. For the here and now. See every time from a place of love and appreciation. Learn from every encounter.

3. Do the work.
There are tons of work spaces, conferences, books, professionals, coaches, activities and workouts that you can learn from. You must be persistent in doing the internal work. Modifying your exterior environment won’t do the trick. It starts from within. Your pleasure will come from inside, not from everything ‘out there’.

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