Healthy and Happy Dog

Healthy and Happy DogLooking after For Your Fuzzy Family Member I strongly believe that having a dog is just like owning a child. Dogs require a lot of care, tolerance, time, and money to effectively care for them. In this content, I will describe what you need to know about looking after for your fuzzy family member.
Primary Health care For Your Dog
1st and major, creating regular periods with your local animal clinic or doctor is the most essential step to keep your dog in good health. Yearly shots and health checks are absolutely essential and Rabies vaccines are required by law. Grooming, nail cutting, and showering are also essential. If done properly this can avoid many health issues in the future. The sooner you start grooming and showering your dog the better. Otherwise, they will not be use to the managing and may become nervous, probably respond in a negative way.
Nourishing and Treats
I choose providing my dog a high proteins dry dog food, particularly in the winter months. Prevent foods with a lot of carbohydrates and fillers. These will give your dog empty energy, cause them to out on excess weight, and become greedy more often. I also give my dog a raw hide about once a week as a treat. Raw hides help decrease tartar build up on the teeth and dogs love to chew on things. Avoid providing your dog human food excessively. Human food can cause being overweight and encourages your dog to beg at meal time. There are also many foods that are toxic to your dog. These food can lead to many health issue for you dog and even, in severe cases, cause death.
There are also many kinds of diets and foods you can give your dog. The preference is yours. Also, I suggest speaking with your vet as to which diet and food is suggested for your particular dog and how much and often to nourish him/her.
Toys and Work out
There is a really large amount of pet toys on the market place today. The question is, which item is perfect for your dog? In my case, my Luna prefers everything with a squeaker. If is doesn’t have a squeaker, she WILL destroy it. I also get her long, durable toys that we can play “tug o’ war” with, and tennis games balls to play fetch. I don’t recommend anything plastic or made of soft rubber. These toys your dog can break easy and ingest and they can make your dog sick. Also, get toys that encourage entertaining play. This will help you and your fur-friend bound and you both get exercise.

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