Natural Ways to Improve Eyesight

Natural Ways to Improve EyesightWeak eyesight is a very common issue that afflicts everyone in the world thereby allowing persons to limit particular tasks from their life and depend upon prescribed glasses and contacts. However, apart from popular treatment techniques like prescribed contacts and glasses and medical or laser treatment methods to correct weak eyesight, you may also optimize your vision normally by simply following a few simple and easy methods to benefit from positive effects in the long-run.

Food for healthy eyesight

Your eyes depend on many important nutrients to allow them to function properly. In case, these necessary nutrients are badly supplied by the food you eat, weak eyesight is likely to result. It is vital that you incorporate the following nutrition to strengthen your vision and your health as well.


DHA is a type of fatty acid which can be found omega-3 products such as fish oil and salmon, cod and krill. People with weak eyesight most likely obtain insufficient amounts of DHA from their diet, thus dietary supplements are advisable for use. Be sure to use good quality mercury free fish oil supplements so that you can maximally support your eyes in creating their cellular membranes.


Antioxidants for better eyesight include beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein that take part in a crucial role in protecting the macula of the eye from harm due to exposure to the sun. The macula is situated in the middle of the retina. Furthermore, the food comprising of these kinds of detoxifying substances also reduce the risk of age-related macular damage that is among the major factors that cause blindness in growing individuals. You may get these kinds of minerals from leafy green veggies like spinach and also from egg yolks, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and yellow peppers.

Pure water

Our eyes require pure water as well. Be sure you consume a lot of strained pure water on a daily basis to ward off dry eyes and also dehydration.

Eye exercises for better vision

The primary strategy behind carrying out eye exercises is usually to enhance the muscles around your eyes. To get the most out of your time and energy while improving eyesight, boosting muscle tissue development as well as strength may improve your vision in the long-term. Vision workouts often minimize the degree of eye floaters as well. The following are a few types of eye workouts which can be done anyplace in your home as well as your work area.

Perform warm-up workouts for the eyes. Massage the eyes at the same time with both hands in order to allow the eyes to feel warm and relaxed. Keep your eyes covered for five seconds and perform the cycle again 3 times.

Perform eye rolling workouts. Look up, at the ceiling then slowly move your eyeballs clockwise 10 times and anticlockwise 10 times.

Perform exercises to focus your vision. In order to enhance your focus, keep your finger or hold a pen at an arm’s length away from you. Focus on the finger or pen and steadily take it toward you until the pen is 6 inches away from your nose. Providing that you maintain focus on the pen; gradually take the pen to its original place. Perform this cycle 10 times.

Rest and sleep

Much like your own body, the eyes require adequate rest to work properly as well. Then again, there are certain activities that may tax your vision slightly more compared to your body itself. Generally, this is common in people who devote many hours of the day doing computer work, writing, reading or holding out various other activities that may need intense focus.

In order to rest your eyes properly, after every 50 minutes, be sure to rest your eyes for ten minutes. You can rest your eyes by cupping your hands over them, providing that absolutely no light is able to get through. Sustain complete darkness and attempt to focus on an object far off at a distant, with your eyes shut during this resting period.

Additionally, try your best to get 7-8 hours of shut eye each night in order to enrich your eyes for your body and eyes to feel renewed the next day. In case, your tasks restrict you from having complete night rest, remember to get some sleep the following day. However, nighttime sleep is most valuable for improved eyesight.

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