Points to Know About Nokia Lumia Phones

Points to Know About Nokia Lumia PhonesYou have probably heard about the Nokia Support Interactions forum if you are an owner of a Nokia device. You should see the site if you haven’t already, because it has 20 million visitors per month and its million-plus posts cover more than 150,000 topics and are written by nearly 400,000 listed members. You are sure to find some good advice there. We were so impressed that we asked them to share it with us. We spent days reading the forum and questioning the most in-the-know power users and compiled these important tips for everything Nokia Lumia.

•        If you hit the volume key while the phone is ringing, the call is silenced without being rejected.

•        Even if the screen is locked, pressing and holding the camera key will open the camera.

•        If you rotate your Nokia Lumia phone to landscapes mode while using the calculator app, it will become a medical calculator.

•        You can add layouts for more languages on your keyboard by going to Settings > Keyboard and selecting a language. You will see a button for language choice when you are using the keypad.

•        It’s possible to disable auto-correction by going to Settings > Keyboard. Then click “Typing settings,” then tap “Press to change” at the top of the screen. A new window opens and you can remove the check mark from “correct incorrectly spelled words.”

•        If you want to create shopping list or to do list, there is a pre-installed Office app for these kinds of tasks on Nokia Lumia Smartphone. Open Office on your phone, go to “notes” and add a new note by pressing the + sign. Pin notes to your home screen after marking them properly.

•        If there is an app for which you know a newer version is available, but the app does not yet show as an update, forcing the update is an option (if the update is accessible where you live). Locate the app in the marketplace, hit the “share” button and press the back key. The update button will appear.

•        If your battery is not enduring as long as it usually does, look into the options for “find my phone” in the options menu. Make sure that the top option is not checked because this draws a lot of power from the battery. Doesn’t worry, “find my phone” still work even when both boxes are unrestrained.

•        If you have problems with internet connection using mobile data or problems with MMS adding and running, the network setup app from the Nokia industry may be your answer. It’s available through the Nokia collection section.

•        If the battery has died and the phone won’t properly restart, using a USB to connect to a PC often will restart the phone faster than using a charger linked to an outlet.

I found these tips for Nokia Lumia phone to be extremely helpful. If you have any tips to add that I didn’t discuss, then share it please!

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