UV Tattoos: The Latest Craze

UV Tattoos: The Latest CrazeUV tattoos are becoming the latest craze within the tattoo group. For many people getting a UV tattoo is the best of both worlds; they get to have an exclusive piece of art embellishing their body, while at the same time remaining discreet and expert at the office or workplace. Some professions permit their employees to have tattoos only if they are discreetly placed.

Even though this type of tattooing is gaining popularity, there are still very few tattoo artists who offer this the service. However, there is one tattoo artist from Castro Valley, California who has been offering this particular service for several years. Greg Kulz is considered a pioneer of the UV tattooing form and believes people are attracted to this method because they will not be instantly judged by their ink as so many other people are.

The process of having a UV tattoo is still the same as having a normal colored tattoo; however, the ink is thinner so it means the artist has to take his/her time and focus more and a black light that is used to ensure the image is exactly as it should be.

Even though this seems like a great substitute to getting a colored tattoo, many tattoo artists avoid using UV inks because they believe that the special ink that is used may bargain the patient’s safety and overall health.UV Tattoos: The Latest Craze

Tattooing with UV ink can cause bad reactions for some people including blistering, skin rashes, burning sensations and pain. Some tattoo artists simply feel that the risk to their customers isn’t worth taking.

As with any tattoo, some people gradually grow tired of their ink, or they encounter conditions that prohibit body art of any kind which eventually leads them to laser removal. The cost of removal for a UV tattoo is much more painful and costly due to the ink used and is much harder to get rid of than conventional colored ink. So if you are considering getting a UV tattoo make sure that you are mindful of the removal techniques and cost.

Ultimately, UV tattoos are ideal for those who want their ink on their face, neck, or hands but still want to be accepted by all classes of society. However, thinking about the current popularity and acceptance of tattoos, I’m sure it won’t be long until your CEO gradually comes to work with a brand new bicep or forearm tattoo.

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