How to Wear Skin fit Jeans

How to Wear Skin fit JeansHow to wear skin fit jeans is depending upon several factors – your own sense of style, your fashion sense and, ultimately, your confidence. Much like any other form of tight pants, skinny jeans need to be worn with a little aplomb, yet you also need to look as though you’re just too casual for words.

Not hard for some but near difficult for others. For many of us, the bigger task relates to the jeans, the cut – and our bodies. Finding the best jeans for your butt, shape and personal sense of taste and style is always a little difficult for us girls. But – no matter!

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Loosely converted as where there’s a dollar sign that we girls can manage – look out here we come. Fabulous jeans for fantastic women – lets see what the best skinny jeans can do for you!

Actually, knowing how to wear skinny jeans is simpler than it sounds. A few good pointers in the right direction and before you know it, you’ll be strutting around like you’ve always had the ‘know how’. Or at least – that’s the intention.

To start with Levi’s do the best skinny jeans – for a great price and they’re absolutely a good place to start. They’re well cut, well made and the best selling jeans in the range. I have some and they’re awesome. A wide range of colors and sizes allows you to decorate to your hearts content.

Once you’ve got a top pair in your wardrobe, the easiest way to work out how to wear tight jeans is to think of them as a pair of leggings or similar – yet bear in mind that they remain what they really are … a pair of jeans. And jeans can be dressed up (or down) depending on your mood, the event, the day and so on.

In a few words, skinny jeans can and will look good and your size and shape shouldn’t be a major issue. Of course it’s always easier to look good when you’re super slim. However, it’s also worth recalling that the average woman is anything but. So despite that little nugget of truth – a few extra curves shouldn’t rule out your capability to wear a great little fashion piece.

Final Style Tips

Some final quick tips to recall when buying and/or creating your look around skinny jeans:

dark colors work better on plus size women - the pair on the right are the best jeans for curvy girls. They’re the perfect cut for non-skinny women and the cut and fit is beautiful

•  if you’re still unsure and plus size, buy a directly leg jean rather than a skinny leg

•  don’t shorten your leg length if you’re petite or short legged - stay away from cropped jeans

•  remember to settle for colors that work best for you. Not everyone suits bright yellow for e.g. nor has the shape to carry it off

don’t forget your age! Teens, tweens and those in their twenties can get away with much more than those approaching (or passing!) the middle age barrier

•  well designed boots almost always work well with skinny jeans - don’t be afraid to experiment

•  but – avoid too much lacing or patent leather – you could end up looking more ‘dominatrix’ than stylish!

 Never make the mistake of going out – then spending your time in a corner feeling overdressed and self-conscious. Fashion is expected to be fun, fresh and assurance giving … it’s not supposed to turn you into a wall flower!

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