Oil painting- methods to do it

Oil painting- methods to do it Oil painting strategies

Oil painting tool material demarcate lead to draw the complexity of oil painting techniques. For centuries, the artist in practice created a variety of oil painting methods; make oil painting elements play full concept effect. Oil painting main techniques are:

Clear overburden color method

Don’t add white but is toning oil dilution of multi-level depicting pigments. Must be in each layer dry after the next layer of colored, since each layer of color is thin, the color can faintly exposed out, and upper creation change the color of the subtle tonal. For example in the dark color layer on the besmear cover sedate blue, can produce blue and purple namely cold through boxing warming effect, this is often rich palette cannot mix tonal. This technique is suitable for performance object-image texture and thick feeling, particularly can completely depict the characters skin exquisite color changes, making people feel under the skin a flowing blood. Its defect is color gamut of narrow, manufacture procedure exquisitely; finish work long hours, not easy to express painter instant creative creation feelings.

 Opaque clog color method, also called the multi-level coloring

Paint use first monochromatic draw form large appearance, then use the color multi-level shaping, dark parts often draw thinner, middle cadence and light areas are layers of thick too, or cover or leave, form contrast color piece. Because of different thickness, show color and texture of the rich charm meaning. Oil painting- methods to do it The transparency and opaque two brushwork has no strict difference, painter often in a painting of comprehensively. Performance in dark parts or the shadow of object, coated with clear color method can generate stable, deep bulk feeling and sizing feeling, Opaque excess color law is easy to shape shadow part outside the body, increasing the picture color saturation. 19 centuries ago painter mostly adopts the these two kinds of brushwork, making work time is generally long, some finished drawing layer by long-term placed, wait for color layer entirely dry again after were portrayed.

Opaque once coloring, also called direct coloring

Namely on canvas make object-image form outline, thanks to the object of the picture color feels or color, basic idea laid last finished, not the right place USES painting knife-scraping to continue to coloring change. This technique in which each deal pigment evaluation is strong, dip in high, color saturation brushwork also relatively clear and easy to express painting the vivid experience. In the mid 19th century after many artists more use these representations. To make a shading reached full color layer effects, must pay interest to the use of Bushy namely, besmear of usually used besmear of divided into flat besmear, medicinal powder coating and thick too. Flat besmear is by one-way dynamics, consistent Bushy painting into increases color, is suitable for smooth, stable structure shaping static bodies; Spread besmear refers to the basis of natural turning painted form changing trend, brush is more inattentive, flexible, Thick too is whole picture or locally thick pile of pigment, some form of up to several millimeters color layer or color piece, make pigments show texture of fun, image also increased.

Oil painting works not only the artist expresses endow the ideological content, and shows the exclusive fabric painting language growth process experienced classic, modem several times and various periods of oil painting by the age of artistic thought taken over and methods of limitation, present a various outlook.

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