Can Online Dating Guide to Real Love?

Can Online Dating Guide to Real Love?Are you alone? Are you bored? Don’t you feel compelled to stop reading this and go find some ‘real’ company, do some ‘real’ stuff and live life in ‘reality’? I would, but I would say that you are doing that reading this since you have to confess that in the past twenty or so years we are given yet another reality, another substitute for interacting between ourselves, Cyber Life.

Yes, but aren’t you alone in this second reality and still need some real company? Or do you get it on a regular basis by chatting with all sorts of people on the Internet? Maybe you’ll even find your soul mate that way? That special someone who will sit next to you and keep you company when you are blue, someone who is right for you, a real refreshment after all of your ‘real life’ dating catastrophes. Can the Internet give you a safe atmosphere to date even the worst of worst in trying to find true love?

But can dating online be a satisfying substitute for going out and meeting people in person? And what is more can we fall in love with someone we have met through online dating sites?

People had been falling in love since the beginning of time. Love is our most intense and primal emotion, an emotion that keeps us going when times are hard, that gives meaning to our lives. The question is have people evolved enough to embrace this substitute trend that is occurring all around us, the trend of dating online. And is this trend and evolution or a deviation of the process of that primal indescribable feeling of falling in love?

Both ways we must confess that we are scared out of our heads. When it comes to love we have always been. But does the Internet help us a bit to overcome this fear of appealing to the other gender by having the chance to reinvent ourselves and restrict the details we share. Does it help us to choose when we have access to millions of choices or do we still remain skeptical due to the fact that there are millions of self-invented fake choices lurking on the Internet dating websites? Will we ever be relaxed enough to open ourselves enough to allow the probability of falling in love with the person we are chatting with? And are we ever going to really get to know that person? Can we ever?

Love and especially real love results in marriage, which is in turn an institution based on love. If we examine our history we can spot that the divorce rate nowadays is much higher than in the past. Does that tell us that we are doing anything wrong? Can that be the result of living life in the fast lane, the partners not having time to connect between themselves? Not watering the plant that has been growing from the love seeds… what kind of a result do we expect? Can the Internet help us change this?

There are two things that separate us from the animals, we can communicate and we feel love. Is it possible that these two go in pair? Do we have to slow down a bit and think about what is missing in our relationships? Isn’t the most common answer to this question interaction? Can the online help us by making communication something we don’t need to worry about and help love evolve into connections becoming its backbone. Then we would only have to worry about what we say. Isn’t that easy? Or are we going to remain blind to anything besides The Face?

I think we don’t really need an answer to these questions, like real love we can feel it in our bones.

Santos Singh Vasudev - has a keen interest in psychometric and character tests. He Graduated from Delhi University with Bachelors Degree in Economics. He was keen to apply his analytical skills in people management and did a MBA from Kirloskar’s business school. Cupid Personality is an online effort which provides online dating benefits and taking the Interface Character Test to choose and meet the most suitable partners for life.

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