Special Dresses for Your Wedding

Special Dresses for Your WeddingMaking Your Dress Special to You

A bride’s dress is one the most important if not the most important item for her to have on her wedding day so why not make it just as special as the bride herself. By putting oneself in the dress you have already given it flair of your own; you make the dress give off a different vibe and bring it to life via your personality and the way you carry yourself in the dress. For some brides just being in the dress isn’t enough to give it a more original feeling and that is where modifications to your dress come into play.

Wedding dresses can be made to have a unique feel even though someone has your same model dress through alterations and the adding of components. Depending upon the designer of the dress and how good the changes team is the dress can be remade in the image of your dreams.

Changing the Dress’s Color(s)

Sometimes a simple change from a one shade of a color to another shade of the same color can help you appear more vibrant than before or help bring out more details in the dress. A dramatic color can bring more of an eye-popping affect, especially since it is a very dramatic and unexpected choice for brides to make. Though if dramatic colors such as red are part of your culture then maybe changing the color to a less used color or going white or ivory will bring more of a wow factor. A good way to figure out what would look best on you is to figure out your skin tone is which can make you look younger, healthier, and like you are positively glowing!

Sleeves or no sleeves?

Changing the sleeves can have a dramatic impact on the dress since your body may be more flattering in a different style sleeve. There are many different types of sleeves such as puffy sleeves, spaghetti straps, long, short, see through, one sleeve or even no sleeves at all! For those of us that need long sleeves or a specific style of sleeve for religious purposes don’t count out the dresses that don’t have the type of sleeve you need. Some gowns can be altered to have the sleeve you need even if they didn’t have a sleeve to begin with! So be sure to ask the consultant to bring out the dresses that can be altered to have sleeves too; this question is especially helpful in small stores that have a smaller selection than larger bridal salons.Special Dresses for Your Wedding

To Bling Or Not To Bling…That Is The Question.

We, women, as whole rather like our sparkles, glitz, and glam but sometimes it’s not sparkle we need. Though you may like sparkle be sure to try on some dresses that are plainer, unless you know exactly what you want, because you may be surprised when the “plain” dress makes you look like a goddess especially when you add you and your accessories to the overall image. So experiment! You may be surprised at what you find!

Belts and Sashes

Adding a belt or sash can draw more attention the waist, emphasize that you have a waist, or emphasize other parts of your body depending upon where you put it and it you want to attach it to your dress or not. A regular belt with a buckle would highlight both your waist and stomach since the buckle would draw attention to the front whereas a sash would draw the eye to the back where it is tied until it has some sort of design on it which would also bring the eye to the front (assuming that is where the design is located) as well. Also, if you want (and that the modifications team is allowed to) you can even have the belt/sash sewn into the dress. Different colors and styles also add flair to the dress for a different tone that is specifically you!

Statement Shoes

Statement shoes are one of the fastest improving trends in the wedding industry because you can hide them or show them off with the dress and the best part is that there are so many styles that would match your dress that it makes the perfect equipment when it comes to making a statement with your outfit.

Some brides have been wearing sneakers for comfort and/or style and others have been wearing shoes that have spikes, mirrors, rhinestones, etc. on them and other brides have been wearing any other type of shoes that you can think of such as cowboy boots, sandals, cleats (sport shoes like soccer and golf), etc., and others have been wearing memento shoes. These shoes might not actually match the dress or are so ornate on their own that they could pass as an art piece all on its own but what all these shoes have in common is that they signify the bride’s wants, needs, and quirks. So have fun shoe shopping!

Long To Short and Back Again

Going from long to short is not a decision to take gently on most dresses such as ballgowns since it is highly unlikely you can take back that decision once it is done, but on some outfits it can not only add to the fun but also allow you to get the best of both worlds from one dress! For certain outfits it is a simple matter of adding a clip or zipper so that you can add length back to your dress or shorten it again anytime you want. This way your dress can be made long for the ceremony but short for the reception!

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