Love or fascination?

Love or fascination?When you develop an emotional relationship with a member of the opposite sex, certain chemical responses take place in your brain. The pleasurable feeling this chemical reaction generates in the pleasure centers of your brain is what most people refer to as love. Some people base their whole lives on a chemical reaction taking place in their brain. They make choices because of the way they feel about a person. But love is more than a feeling. Love is commitment to the well-being and pleasure of another person you deeply care about. Love can be recognized from every other emotional sensation because it is founded on genuine commitment to another person. Fascination is a temporary emotional rush and will leave you empty when it exhausts itself. Sexual lusts end when lust has been pleased.The reason why some people do not quickly detect the distinction between infatuation/fascination, sexual lust and true love is because they all feel the same way initially. Simply put, love is the connection you have with the very essence of your partner. It has nothing to do with how good looking, successful or rich a person is. It has to do with the character qualities of this person. You see, when we are removed down to our inner selves, what remains are/are our character trait(s). These are the features we look for in a partner but most times, we cannot perfectly connect it. We stumble through a maze of exterior features and material enticements only to discover that what truly matters in a person, what really counts, is inside the soul of that person.Love or fascination?What we should seek in a relationship are the soul features of the person we are attracted to. When we declare our love for a person, what we are saying in substance is that we like the soul qualities of the person and we want to spend our lives with such qualities. Those features make you feel good whenever you are around that person. You want to enjoy that good feeling for as long as you can. That is why people get married: to enjoy that emotional relationship they have with that special person for the rest of their lives.

We get married to the inner functions of a person which do not get old or worn out with time. Physical beauty will definitely fade with time but your core values, beliefs and personality traits grow healthier each day. That is the reason why a marriage can last for over 50 decades. Such couples stay dedicated to their wedding because of their fascination to the inner features of their spouse….Good luck.

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