What do Men wish to Hear?

What do Men wish to Hear?With this in mind I actually have collected many phrases that I believe men would really like to listen to from their girls.

“I trust you; I do know you’ll be able to do it”. This can be a very magic phrase it proves the arrogance you’ve got in him, in his physical and mental strength. Men love this one because it makes them feel almighty powerful. Conjointly you’ll be able to use this phrase once you wish your man to try to one thing for you. As an example if you wish him to alter the wallpaper in your area or watch out of your cat whereas you continue vacation, all you wish do is to whisper this phrase and he are proud to try to no matter you’re asking him to try to. “You’re the best”. I don’t assume this one desires explaining. “I am therefore lucky I met you” For him this suggests “you square measure marvelous, fully nice and additional necessary you create love sort of a God!”
“What would I do while not you” this can be another ego booster. This can be the right phrase for those things once you square measure in bother and he saves you. Like as an example the day your automobile breaks down and he drives you to your geographical point, or the once noon once your nanny is sick and he offers to appear after the youngsters whereas you quit looking along with your girlfriends.

At night
“You drive Pine Tree State crazy, I’m mad regarding you” Another phrase that doesn’t would like any rationalization.
“You square measure therefore hot”  “What would please you tonight?” this can be maybe the foremost aphrodisiac phrase you’ll be able to tell your man; however take care if you say it you want to be ready to assume your responsibility and take a look at to please him. This phrase is hospitable all quite “indecent proposals” square measure you prepared for them?

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