Benefits of drinking Red wine

Benefits of drinking Red wineIt’s good to take red wine in our diet plan?

Scientist from the Harvard University made findings and keeps the analysis in a new drug in growth, in this new drug they included a component from the red wine, this component helps the humans boosting his longevity and improving in many ways the daily life of the people.

This unique component from the wine is called “Reservation” and it’s hosted in the skin of the grapes and in 70 other species of plants like dried fruits and berries. The Resveratrol has strong effects in the body as an effective anti-aging because it causes an enhancement in the activity of the SIRT1 protein.

The Resveratrol is a strong ally against heart diseases, it has been tested in patients with heart diseases and with diabetes, showing major changes in the daily life of patients suffering from heart diseases and lowering the symptoms of the type two diabetes.

The red wine is not only special because of the Resveratrol, it also have a good amount of flavonoids and polyphenols, these two helping in the anti aging process protecting the cells from the bad cholesterol and avoiding the natural designed death process called “Apoptosis”.

The components in the wine are useful because they protect the blood vessel and the collagen in the general walls, also they prevent the network of platelets and with this the formation of clots. This is why the red wine is a powerful ally against the heart illnesses.

Benefits:-Benefits of drinking Red wine

1. The scientist already knew that the antioxidants are good against the natural aging process of the body, but recently they discovered that they also are good allies battling the Alzheimer. This was determined in the Leeds University in England, making the final conclusions that drinking red wine and green tea can be really helpful in patients with Alzheimer.

“We discovered that the antioxidants housed in the green tea and the red wine can change the form of an amyloid and prevent the relationship with a specific protein in the brain cells. Disturbing this relationship, the origin of Alzheimer is nullified” -Nigel Hooper, leader of the research in Leeds University, England.

2. In an investigation in the South Carolina University in Columbia, the researchers found that the patients with prostate cancer that before the analysis had a regular diet with polyphenols, flavonoids and Resveratrol in their daily diet had a 25% less risk from suffering the aggressive form of the disease.

3. The antioxidants hosted in the red wine and the grapes, nullifies the grow of new blood vessels related with ocular diseases like the macular damage and the diabetic retinopathy; this was founded and tested by scientists of the Washington University in St. Louis.

4. A daily consumption of red wine without alcohol or pills with the components in it is useful against the uprising of the high blood pressure cases and illnesses linked with these signs in the modern world.

5. The researches around the world have shown that adult people who drinks small to average amounts of red or white wine or even beer have a lesser probability to suffer from heart diseases compared to those who doesn’t drink it regularly or alcohol dependent. Drinking nothing leave the body without the elements to protect the heart, while having too much can cause other loss to the system.

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