Why Women cheat in Relationships

why women cheats in relationshipMen are not the only ones who cheat on their partners. These days more and more women are discovered to be guilty of cheating. Unfaithfulness in interactions is growing day by day. Every day we read on magazines about several crimes which have lead from such relationships. Lately I happened to see a journal called ‘Crime and Detective’ which had a detailed account of such cases where the woman had extramarital relationship with father in law, son, neighbor, husband’s friend and so on. With improving live in relationships and extra martial affairs Marriages in our society today do not seem to mean almost as much as they used to in the previous. What may be the factors why a woman hotels to such an act? After some research on the topic I came up with some reasons as to why a woman might cheat on her partner or husband.• Unsatisfying Relationship: There are women who get engaged in adulterous relationships purely for sex. Greater parts of Women who cheat on their partners are those who are engaged in unsatisfactory or sexless relationships. When she sees that her spouse is unable to fulfill her on bed or fulfill her whims and choices she looks for someone who could do so. If a woman is not obtaining the interest she feels she deserves in a relationship, she may be lured to seek that attention elsewhere and become involved in an affair.

• Being lonely: Many Women get into relationship because she seems lonely. This is most likely to occur when the lady is a housewife and spouse is working abroad or the husband is a workaholic or who is on tour for at least 15 days in a month. Rather of looking for an effective hobby to fill her time she reimburses for neglect or lack of interest from her man with the focus of another man.

Enjoyment: Several wowhy women cheats in relationshipmen turn to other men when their current relationship has lost all the enjoyment which used to be there in the earlier stages. Boredom may also aspect into why women cheat. Boredom and boredom in the existing relationship makes some woman to find a solution in a brand new partner.

• Lack of self esteem: When the Lady experience that she is not getting the well deserved amount of attention and admiration from her current partner she feels insecure and ends up unfaithful to reaffirm to herself that she is still eye-catching and desirable.

•  Money and Power: Women tend to go on matters with men who hold powerful positions in the society and are filled with money and are willing to provide the content goods like that she feels are missing in her life.

• Genuine Fascination or Falling in Love: The Modern Woman who controls both home and work efficiently comes across many males. It is not quite unlikely that they may find somebody attractive or may be even fall in love with. Anyone said a married woman cannot fall in love?

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