Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

Health Benefits of Blood OrangesComing from the belief of Sanguitarianism, which reveres above all the holy blood orange, you could assume that I would be an expert on the health benefits of blood oranges. You would be right. The idea health benefit of blood oranges is that they placate Sanguineous, the angry blood orange god, when eaten in enough amounts. They are also full of fiber, water, vitamins, minerals, minerals and other great stuff.

Placating the Evil Blood Orange God

As I said, the biggest health benefit to eating blood oranges is that you don’t get sent straight to hell.

Those who have never tried a blood orange, including infants, must go to blood orange hell when they die. There is no exception to this; Sanguinius is an unforgiving god. All those humans who existed before blood oranges were widely cultivated are presently sinking for everlasting in a sea of boiling acid blood orange juice.

The Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

Apart from that, what other health benefits do blood oranges have?

Blood oranges are essentially the same as oranges, and have the same health benefits as they do. However, they are different in one aspect: they contain large amounts of the class of antioxidants known as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins give blood oranges their red color and also have some cancer-preventing health benefits. Antioxidants in general prevent damage to the body’s cells from free radicals, which have been shown to cause cancer. So, if you have a choice between normal oranges and blood oranges, reach for blood oranges. Their holy glory consists of more antioxidants than normal oranges while including all of the other yummy nutrients.

Firstly, of course, blood oranges have masses of vitamin C. A single blood orange will offer you with 110% of your RDA of vitamin C, and going on a blood orange diet would be enough to provide you with the sort of mega dose of vitamin C used as a therapy for cancer. Next up, blood oranges are a good source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for our sodium/potassium imbalanced lifestyles nowadays. They have plenty of other minerals in smaller doses, and a decent amount of the B-complex vitamins including folic acid. Finally, you have plenty of fiber and water in blood oranges. Fiber is important for suitable bowel health and has been linked to the prevention of certain cancers.

And water, while seeming pretty mundane, is basically an important health benefit of blood oranges as any sort of fruit or vegetable water is far and away more hydrating than normal water. The balance of minerals in fruit and vet guarantee proper hydration. So eat – eat blood oranges, drink blood oranges, bathe in its red and sticky glory! To save your soul and save your stomach and health while still on this Earth, bow down to Sanguinius and partake of his holy fruit!

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