Change your photo into a cartoon

Change your photo into a cartoonThis content will teach you how to change your photo into a cartoon.

There are a lot of sites on the web providing you the chance to change your face into an animated, however most of them appear to either be too challenging, or want to charge you for the benefit. The one I found, not only is free, but is very easy to use!

Befunky is one of the simplest photo-manipulation sites I have found. There are many factors you can do to a photo on this site; the one I’ll focus is on switching your photo into a cartoon.

Steps 1 – Getting started.
Click the ‘Get Started Now’ button – practically nothing complicated here, you’re simply browsing away from the main starting screen and heading over to the real ‘meat’ of the procedure.

Step 2 – select an application.
For this example I chose the program Cartoonizer, but you have the following options:

CartoonizerChange your photo into a cartoon
Line Artopia
At this time it doesn’t really issue what you choose as you can modify the application later one.

Step 3 – The photo.
You have several options on how to load or ‘take’ a photo; click the icon of your choice for more options:
Upload from computer
Upload via Webcam
Upload from URL

All methods are simple – My preferenceChange your photo into a cartoone is uploading from the computer, but using a hosting site like Flickr also works well.

Step 4 – crop and rotate.
You can either edit your image prior to posting, or use the in-built methods that allow you to do standard cropping and editing. The tools are easy and intuitive.
On the other hand, you can simply skip editing by clicking ‘Skip Editing’

Step 5 – playing with the apps.
I decided I wasn’t quite happy with the cartoon so I decided to change the picture in two ways:
I selected the apllication ‘Line Artopia’ using the icons on the left. This gave it a more ‘artsy’ kind of feel.
I then changed the type of ‘Line Artopia’ by choosing the second icon from the left on the ‘Outline your Life’ icons on the top of the screen – this changed the picture slightly; far more to my liking.

Step 6 – all done?
Once you have a final product that you are happy with, and cannot funkify it any more then you are prepared to save the picture. You have a couple of options:

Share - you can send an email to all your buddies with a copy of the picture.
Save – allows you to save the final picture to your local hard drive.

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