Is your Dog knows about your Pregnancy?

Is your Dog knows about your Pregnancy?A dog’s senses of hearing and smell are much more effective than those of a human. These would have been incredibly essential in the wild as they would have assisted it to sense predators. It is simply because of these increased senses that people “employ” guard dogs to secure their residence, sniffer dogs to identify drugs and explosives, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and why dogs are also preferably equipped to take part in search and rescue missions.
This improved sensitivity somehow also enables them to sense natural disasters before they happen. There are many records of how animals acted curiously before the recent tsunami in Southern Asia, as if they knew that it was about to happen.
National Geographic says the following:
“The belief that wild and household animals have a sixth sense – and know in enhance when the earth is going to shake – has been around for centuries.
Wildlife specialists believe animals’ more acute listening to and other senses might enable them to hear or feel the earth’s vibration, tipping them off to nearing disaster long before humans realize what’s going on.”
It has also been claimed that dogs are able to detect the simple changes that occur in the body when cancer is present.
Knowing all of these things, it’s rarely surprising that dogs can also detect when women are pregnant. There’s no medical evidence to explain how they know this, but there are a couple of concepts about it. First of all, it’s possible that with their heightened senses, dogs can smell the changes in hormones and pheromones that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. They may also be able to detect the mental and behavioral changes that pregnant women go through.
And when a dog finds your pregnancy, it might start acting very diversely towards you. Some dogs become much more protective of the woman, and of her bump; as if they know that there’s another little person inside that they need to look after! While others may become jealous of this new rival for your affections!

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