Dual SIM Mobile Phones: Help or Hassle?

Dual SIM Mobile Phones: Help or Hassle?A mobile phone has become a necessity and people now-a-days need more than one SIM to stay organized. Mobile phone producers made a discovery when they came out with handsets having dual SIM connection. Dual SIM phones are widely liked these days. This indicates the advancement of technology. When you buy a phone, there are certain aspects that you’d likely to have in your new device. The most obvious ones are the apps, a good web browser, and an amazing media player. And well, what people seek out these days is the availability of dual SIM option. These phones allow the consumers to use two numbers jointly. People who travel a lot like this option mainly because they get to use the SIM that may have better reception in that particular area.

There are definite benefits and some drawbacks of owning a dual SIM handset. One of the biggest advantages is that you can use two SIMs at the same time that means, you can make calls, receive calls and send and receive text messages from the numbers. Let’s go further and see how it can be a little disadvantageous to you.

Why You Need a Dual SIM Phone?

• You carry only one handset: Once you get a dual SIM phone, you can kiss your second phone goodbye. You’ll get a respite from the extra weight in your pockets. You are going to appreciate the fact that now you can insert two SIMs in a single handset and use both of them separately. If you’re a business person, then you surely understand that it is hard to use a single number. Using two various figures lets you arrange and personal and business contacts.

• Travel- friendly: If you travel often, then you’d know how you had to carry two phones- one for local use and the other for home SIM. With these phones, you pack extra elements for both of them, only adding to the weight of your baggage. With dual-SIM function on your phone, you’ll carry only one handset.

• Reduced call rates: One of the biggest advantages is its cost- affectability. Different service providers have different call rates and by using this efficiency, you can get the best call charges from two separate service providers. There is no other way you can utilize this.

• Reduced 3G cost: Each service provider have numerous plans for 3G data also. You can simply use the one which has cheapest 3G data plans!

Why Should You Rather Not Get One?

• Too many service suppliers: It’s all right to have two SIMs, but how are you likely to know which service provider is getting you the best tariff? There are so many service providers in India alone, like, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata, BSNL, MTNL, to name a few.

• Probable network problems: By using SIM cards of two different service providers, you are likely to face network problems. The two networks collide with each other, resulting in weak signal. Also, some dual-SIM mobiles do not offer 3G connection.Dual SIM Mobile Phones: Help or Hassle?

• Poor battery life: Dual SIMs generally use up a lot of energy and that is the reason why dual SIM phones drain out quite easily.

A Dual- SIM Phone is for you if:

• You travel regularly and need an easy connect with friends and family

• It’s a hassle for you to carry two handsets

• You seek to save up on phone bills

• You want to save up on 3G data bills

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