Christian Marriage Requirements

Christian Marriage RequirementsMarriage refers to an institution that determines rights and commitments among partners that directly or indirectly affects their marriage, children and in-laws. It can also be termed as a legal contract between spouses. In our today’s world marriage is regarded a cultural universal. This means that it varies in different cultures. It includes those marriages that are monogamous, polygamous, same-sex marriages and temporary.

The greater purpose of marriage is reproduction. Many couples marry to get and raise children and hence live as a family. Most a times, children are the reason marriage exists, they tend to unite the couples and bring joy. Considering the bible too, God’s reason for marriage is the unity of the couples and the reproduction reason. God instructed husband and wife to go forth and multiply. This explains the reason of marriage at the same time opposing the concept of same sex marriage. Same sex marriages cannot achieve this purpose meaning they cannot reproduce. Only a man and a woman and not two persons of the same sex are able to achieve this purpose. This tend to explain why same sex marriage is not accepted in many societies. Accepting same sex weddings means killing the norms of purity of marriage and giving room to impunity.

In some cases when marriages face disputes and the couples tend to think of a divorce, their children tend to be the reason they stay together. They tend to find solace in their children hence end up resolving these conflicts. This shows the importance of duplication in marriages. It’s a unifying factor in most of the families. Children bring happiness, unity and in some cases re candles love between the couples. This generally tend to make the marriage organization worth it. Therefore it is clear that reproduction is necessary in marriage. Therefore marriage needs to be as the bible puts it.

Apart from duplication, partnership is another reason or essential for marriages. Marriage is regarded as a partnership between the spouses that is the husband and wife. They come together as one entity to pursue same goals in marriage to ensure that they live a happy and lasting marriage. A partnership in marriage means each should play equally powerful and equally important roles. In today’s modern world, many marriages have misinterpreted the concept of equality in marriage. Some of the women tend to play the role of men. Some men too avoid their obligations hence causing a conflict to arise. Equal rights does mean women to be the head of the home while men to do household chores, it means each party should play its role and hence make important participation in the marriage for it to be complete.

Equal partnership brings joy in the marriage. Working as one and in camaraderie brings unity in the marriage. It is noticed that couples who stand as equals before each other find greater joy in the long term. A happy family remains united even in times of wrangles and uncertainty.

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