Items Women Do To Ruin Their Marriage

Items Women Do To Ruin Their Marriage1. Using words to hurt maim and ruin your marriage: Despite the fact that men are more powerful, women have the benefits when it comes to verbal durability. Women are adept at brandishing the sharpest words in order to shame, demean and play down their man. Words are like toothpaste. Once they are out, there is no getting them back in. No matter of how sorry you are after that, the damage has been done.

2. Getting impractical objectives: Seeking satisfaction from one person, and showing your unhappiness onto him when he doesn’t measure up will easily destroy your marriage. If you feel disappointed, first examine truth. You will be happier if you shape your objectives to fit the reality of your situation. Wanting your spouse or children to make you happy is unlikely. Make yourself happy.

3. Using ironic and critical claims, actions, and facial expressions. This is a quick and easy way to show your husband that you don’t respect him or his opinion. Men can become confused by the barrage of criticism coming at them. The result is they shut down, withdraw, and seek goodness and approval elsewhere.

4. Criticize him, make fun of him and minimize him to your friends and family: Not only will this diminish your husband in your eyes; it will poison those nearest to you. You force them to take sides, and of course they choose your side, due to the fact they want to be loyal to you. They will not look at your husband the same. Once you are over your tirade, they will still be mad at him. Your close friendships and relationships will remain irreparably changed against your husband, in time; this can destroy your marriage.

5. Hold back passion and sex: Men are wired in a different way than women. They need physical release through sexual intimacy. When you refuse to meet that need, you are making a much further statement; you do not care about or regard his needs. As much as you need mental release and closeness, he is wired to need physical release and closeness. Neither is wrong. You are just different. While you want your emotive needs met, it is important not to lose sight of his needs. Think of it this way; what if he ceased talking to you for three days? How about a week? What if he didn’t talk to you for a month? Unconscionable. Furthermore, it is unfair for you to cut him off from what he needs.

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