How to handle a Nagging Wife

How to handle a Nagging WifeThese awful wife creatures must be stopped and I consider I’ve come up with some ways to deal with a nagging wife, so take notes, you never know when you’ll need to refer back to these 9 tips for efficient wife management.
Way 1: Often create a space for yourself, a shed, a room. Someplace to retreat from the irritating when it erupts. Your best hobby is done in this safe haven from the headache naggers.
Every man should have a activity to deal with the nagging of a wife.
way 2: When you feel the nag is about to occur, just go out to the pub, or go for a move, the essential here is to be reliable so that every time a nag is about to happen you just get out of the way.
This creates sense, simply because it saves wasted energy all around and if you are out of the way, then you will not listen to it!
way 3: Ignore the irritating, when she says stuff that needs to change or the factors that need doing it’s time to possibly act like you’re deaf or just simply ignore her and all she appears for when it comes to the nagging, she’ll possibly get tired because there is no response and the nagging ends or she may get pissed off.
So in the event she may get a little angry that you don’t pay attention, then obtain a listening to aid and hatch a small plan to fake a hearing problem, this is a excellent technique I suggest you do to combat this dreadful problem, she’ll more than likely not hassle and just hand you a list of jobs and for that my buddies a white walking stick and mar mango style glasses come in very handy!!
way 4: When us men are about to be nagged to death we sort of sense it like a 6th sense, so in the occasion of such an outcome, you could enhance your wife and this cleverly annoys her and she’ll just forget for the time being about the probability of nagging you.
These small enhances can be staggered all over the week and can be part of an overall plan of gift bathing and that sort of thing, although don’t overdo it as this could cause more stress later on down the line with such factors as they might wonder why you are giving them all of this attention and you are playing the game away from home.
So just be careful with this one, you don’t want to be playing into their hands too much!
way 5: Keep them busy, always try and keep the nagging at bay by using them out for dinner or just doing anything jointly, with a bit of luck this will also stop them from nagging you simply because this might be something they nagged you about, so try and 2nd guess them and nip it in the bud before the nag rot sets in.
Way 6: Deal with the nagging by nagging back, this could be called a discussion in some parts of the world, but it actually isn’t, as you are only giving her a taste of her own toxic medicine.
Nag back at her about the fact of her nagging you, you never know this may stop her from nagging again, or it could be reasons for a future divorce, either way you’ll feel better for it.
Way 7: Laugh at her nagging face!
This is one of my most favorite as it unsettles them into just closing the hell up, they get disappointed about the fact that you laughed at them. When they try to nag again instantly after you laughed ….just laugh louder this time!
way 8: Slap them in the face with a item of candy floss, don’t worry it won’t hurt, this just adds to the drama of being nagged, with a bit of luck a piece of candy floss will get stuck on their lips and you could simply lick it off.
Get rid of the nagging with a bit of candy floss kinkiness!!
Lastly way 9: When they are about to nag…say they appear at that dress and your hair…I love it! You actually are the best wife in the world and quite sexy too why don’t we just hop into a sack and do our very own special dance whilst laying down!

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