Is Salman Khan Virgin?

Is Salman Khan Virgin?Yes, you noticed it right. That was just what Salman Khan told Karan Johar in the newest edition of his show Koffee with Karan.

Here is how it all came about.  You hardly ever get to see Salman Khan on a show. And Karan’s ‘Koffee’ classes are rather famous for his romantic concerns and questionable problems reviewed.

We had been anticipating questions about Salman’s marriage. And when they came, the star batted with poise and calm. ‘I have come this close’ he said ‘cards were printed out and then it didn’t work.’ He also told Karan that he runs kilometers away from some of his ex lovers. ‘The point is now you’re somewhere else’, he said. ‘You have your own daily life. I don’t want that somewhere in someone else’s mind that thought about ex-boyfriend you know.”

But that was not the surprising bit.

“I am a virgin,” said Salman Khan. “I’m going to save personally for the one that I get married to,” he was adament to a shocked Karan.

When a amazed Karan asked if this meant he was still a virgin, Salman looked at him directly in the face and said yes, nodding.   So you did not have sex with all the women you have been with, Karan said, jokingly. They were just friends, Salman said.

This comment left not just Karan but many of us confused.

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