Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage- Which one is most lovable?

arrange marriageThis is a commonly discussed topic in India. Most of the individuals in India are into arranged marriages. This occurs mainly because of the foolish caste system in India. I have seen many of my buddies who broke their love event only because of caste issue. But, even if your lover connected to a various caste, you have to be very powerful in your love and make the marriage occur. Gain the bravery to face any kind of challenges that come throughout.

If you are uncertain about getting married to your lover who connected to some other caste, then curb the love the time it starts developing in your heart. Don’t create desires in his/her heart and then leave him/her mainly because of family issues. So, don’t enter into a love event unless or until you are very sure about getting married to him/her.

If you are assured that you can convince your mother and father, and then go ahead with your love. Some parents will be so obstinate and if they come to know that their son/girl is in love with a girl/boy of distinct caste, they will go to such a level that they blackmail them saying that they will die, if the wedding happens. Some other mother and father will arrange the marriage with somebody else instantly without their son/daughter’s information. If that is the case, you have no other option except showing your approval for the arranged marriage.

But, you know very well about your parents. If you feel that your mother and father are stubborn, then please don’t make with a girl/boy. Yes, I comprehend; you cannot control your feelings. But, you have to do so, in order to evade the intolerable pain that you and your love have to carry in your hearts all over life.

Also, I have to tell you – wonders sometimes happen in arranged marriages. For example, one of my buddies strongly hated arranged marriage. But, he was pressured to marry a girl without any other choice. Luckily, she surpassed his objectives. He uses to say, “even if I was into a love marriage, life might not have gone as happy as it is now.” But, I also have to tell you – this will not occur in everyone’s life.

arrange marraige Some are pressured to marry a person who has completely different thoughts and behavior as against them. But then, they are able to live life happily. How? Love conquers all. For the first few months of wedding, you have to bear with the turmoil. You will get unmanageable anger sometimes when your partner behaves in manner that irritates you very much. But, bear with it.

In some way, let your spouse know that though you don’t like his/her behavior, you didn’t show the anger. If they ask you the purpose, say, “I will never get angry on you at any cost. I accept you as you are, because I love you and my feeling for you is so strong that it cannot be shattered at any tough situation in life.”

When both of you are happy, tell him/her your wants and hates. For the preliminary few months, you both have to talk a lot. You have to invest at least 2-3 hours every day, just talking about things about love, life and society. Whenever your partner acts bad, repeat the “because I love you” mantra.

Gradually, you will recognize that you have really started to love your spouse. Your associate is sure to feel the same and he will never do everything that irritates you. With little modification, you will see how healthy your love relationship grows. At some factor, he knows your needs and you will know her requires. Holding hands in hands, you will soar to higher in life.

For kids grown in such a family, life will always seem to be wonderful. When they grow up and get into a new family, they will get modified to the new life very easily. They will never think adverse and no matter what kind of personality their partners are, they will fine tune them accordingly.

Instead of getting modified to your partner, if you start thinking that “if I have married some other person…” or “if I have wedded the one that I loved…” kind of lovey-dovey things after marriage, then keep in mind – Your life is at risk. The wise thing is to make your partner love you and shower endless love on him/her and make your married life glow with all the shine.

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