Hidden Facts of Love

Hidden Facts of Love Love is tagged by hidden meanings, relating to each individual case as it grows and changes form with time. These tags help us identify the symptoms, the hidden truths to this emotion that paralyses the heart at any given time in our existence. If we are new at this then these tags help we define the emotion we experience. If we are old at this then they guide us on our path as they shape and strengthen our relationship. Below are five of these tags, hidden truths of love that shape the emotions we encounter.

Tears and laughter

Love comes with tears and laughter. There is joy in love sometimes blinded by tears. There is sadness in love and this is also blinded by tears. Yet in each there is a lightness of the heart as these tears cleanse the body and lift the spirit to places beyond the realms of our creativity. Laughter does the same. What is truly amazing on the far end of each is the memory we retain. Time stops to amuse both and whether it is a burden or otherwise we will pursue love knowing that it is a bet at both ends of the scale of tears and laughter.

Self-centeredness and Jealousy

There is no deceiving one’s self that these two emotions go hand in hand. We want our loved ones for us first and foremost. Sharing is out of the question. If we can provide this then the next thirst to quench is jealousy. This is difficult because it is done without our knowledge and what we experience is a tightening of the heart muscles and a clamping of our body functions. These tags cannot be avoided; they are part of love whether they serve a righteous or unrighteous objective in the relationship. We are blind in this sector and no one can tell us usually.


As part of a give and take that comes upon us for whatever reason unbeknown to man, true love makes us wish to tell each other deep secrets. We seek safety chambers in each other’s hearts as we thrive to confide in one another professing our hearts desires. This is a shameless act, a thirst for memories and once more our hearts are lifted whilst experiencing this.


True love is a lasting emotion. It cannot be turned off and on by our whims. Its window of living is separate of the brain and completely driven by the hearts emotions. This is not a case of moving on when one desires, the when and how true love ends is beyond understanding of the human mind. In this domain the heart has full control of our senses.

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